Denic has a Redemption Grace Period ( RGP ) for .de domains . All deleted domains are then sent for 30 days in quarantine before they are reregistered again.
We usually update our database every two hours.
First option: The domain is not (any longer ) in the RGP . Domains can be retrieved from the former owner of the RGP.
Second way : We do not know this domain . Unfortunately there is no Domain list published by the Denic at the moment, so that our database is not complete.
If you find a RGP domain that is not in our database, you can add it on by creating a backorder and we will make it available then.
We will soon offer a CSV download for your personal use.
A lite backorder is cheaper than a full backorder and is therefore subject to restrictions. The first lite backorder placed will receive the domain name if we are successful (first come, first served). Please note: You cannot see whether another customer has already placed a lite backorder or not. Each full backorder has priority over a lite backorder. Lite backorders are secured with lower priority. You should therefore only place a lite backorder if the domain is not especially important to you.
A full backorder (FB) always has priority over a lite backorder (LB). If there is only one customer with a FB, he shall receive the secured domain if we are successful. If there are several FBs, then the domain will be auctioned off among the customers if it is successfully secured. Only those who have placed an FB will be invited to the relevant auction.
Please note: You will only have to pay if we are successful. A lite backorder costs €23.80 (€20 net), and a full backorder €59.50 (€50 net). If several users place a full backorder for a domain name, the domain will be auctioned. A backorder will only be placed if you have sufficient available funds. You can top up your credit balance via wire transfer or PayPal. Regular customers can be granted a credit range.
You can backorder as many domains as you wish. Domains will only be switched to active if you have sufficient available funds. Domains are switched to active in the last three days before deletion. Your available funds will then be debited.
An auction only takes place if a domain has been successfully secured and there is more than one full backorder from customers.
Only customers who have previously placed a full backorder can take part in the auction. You must join the auction and, where applicable, create an auction account beforehand. The auctions are not held on backorder.de, but on a third-party supplier website instead.
Each customer with an eligible full backorder for a certain domain will receive an invitation email in the event of an auction. They must then join the auction. If you do not have an auction account, you will need to create one first. The auction will be held by our service partner. In principle, the auction lasts 3 days and ends ????? If there are no bidders in the auction, the person who placed a full backorder first will receive the domain.

As the winner of the auction, you will receive a payment request from our service provider. You will receive an invoice following payment. After winning the auction and making the payment, the domain will be transferred to you in your account on backorder.de.
We cannot successfully secure every domain that is ordered. If we have successfully secured the domain, it depends on whether your order was the successful one or not. Please find more information on this under “Lite backorder” and “Full backorder”.
Backorders are switched to “active” and taken account of in your available funds three days before the calculated deletion time. Active backorders can be amended up to 2 hours before the deletion time.
Available funds and backorders:
A domain is only switched to active as a backorder if there are sufficient available funds. This consists of the credit balance and credit range minus active back orders and unpaid invoices.
Regular customers can be granted a credit range. Backorders can be placed up to the amount of the respective credit range.
You can top up your credit balance via wire transfer or PayPal.
You will receive an invoice with VAT if individual orders such as backorders or domain renewals have been settled. You will receive a payment receipt for topping up a credit balance.
We cannot guarantee that the data displayed is correct. In particular, we cannot guarantee that a domain displayed as free has not yet been occupied.
Displayed values such as Alexa or for the backlinks cannot be guaranteed either.
Domain names are registered at the risk of the user. Before placing a backorder, please always carefully check for any conflicting trademark or name rights. Please check the DENIC guidelines for de. domains.
We are currently still in test mode. For this reason, there may be downtime and alterations.
Jetzt einfach und schnell zu Ihrer Wunschdomain!

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